Where’s your head at?


Over the last few weeks my mind has been a little out of control- having thoughts, and travelling down thought patterns I have come to regret. Initially of course I simply allowed a thought to linger for longer than it should have, but before long, without discipline of thought I quickly became an emotional wreck, filled with fear and sorrow playing out dramatic scenes in my head of things that could possibly come to pass. Our thought lives have a great impact on our emotions, health, decisions and relationships and so it is no wonder that books such as Joyce Meyers “battlefield of the mind” and Dr Caroline Leaf’s “Who switched off my Brain” are so popular. Now I know I have said a lot before regarding the state of our minds, but as the bible addresses our thought lives so constantly and it is of such importance in our lives, I’m probably going to be saying it a whole lot more. Do you have a certain thought pattern/ attitude you need to address in your mind today?

I thank God that He has saved me not only from my sin but has given great instruction of how to live victoriously over sin that once entangled me so much. Here are just two of the things God has reminded me of in this last falter which may help you also gain victory in this important area of life

1. Taking your thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ is not only healthy but possible (2 Corinthians 10:5). 2 Timothy 1:7 speaks of the Spirit of God giving us power, love and a sound mind. When the Spirit of God invades our lives we have the power in Him to overcome an ‘unsound mind.’ This same Spirit of God gives us “self-control” to no longer indulge in the thought processes we one had, and He will teach us to love what is good and right (Galatians 5:22, Titus 2:11-12). In Dr Caroline Leaf’s book she explores the physicality of thoughts- each one takes a physical place in our minds and our brains are moulded and shaped by what we chose to dwell on and meditate on- when our thoughts come into consciousness we can chose to either think about it or make it obedient to Christ.

2. An Empty mind is the devils playground. There is a great danger of having too much time to do nothing- when our minds are not filled with thoughts that are “good, pure, lovely etc. (Philippians 4:8)” they are going to have to be filled with something else. The beautiful thing about Easter is that we have some time allocated to dwell on the incredible blessing that is the gospel (good news) of Christ, so this week, more than ever take up that advantage. Throughout the bible we are reminded to meditate on the law of God, and His goodness, on His grace, to live with prayers of thanksgiving (after all, if you are saved by the Grace of God you have plenty to be thankful for), and this will not only draw you closer to God, but it will prevent you from opportunities that will come for the devil to tempt you (Josh 1:8; Col 4:2).

So this Easter, whether it is using self-control not to eat 1000 kg of chocolate eggs, overcoming an addiction, stopping yourself from being ‘talked into’ a sin, or simply drawing closer to this beautiful saviour Jesus Christ, be aware of what is on your mind, and be grateful for we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful God.

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