We are multiplying!

It’s amazing!

Our Life Groups are multiplying – we now have 7 Life Groups up and running each week – Praise God!

God is blessing people in and through our Life Groups so much they have been able to multiply to form new groups, with new leaders – exactly what Life Groups at Living Temple are all about.

So if you’re not in a group already, there’s a chance that there may now be a new one closer to you – or that can meet your needs in terms of scheduling.  So get in touch with one of the group leaders and get connected!

Monday Night Men
Palm Beach 7:30-9pm
Contact Craig 0416 153 827

Monday Night Men
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

Monday Night Women
Tugun 7:30-9pm
Contact Shelley 0402 926 169

Wednesday Night Mixed
Contact Bridey 0410 680 664 or Jo 0447 717 674

Wednesday Night Mixed
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

Thursday Morning Mums and Bubs
Contact Jess 0433 285 917

Thursday Night Mixed
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

What a great week!

He even looks like me!

He even looks like me!

I officially finished Beachside Church last week and I need to say that I am embracing life to the full with all my extra time.

I have had a retreat in the mountains, played golf, drank (too much) coffee, read the Word, played with the kids, dated Jess, swam at the beach, swam in pools, sat in a spa, sweated in a sauna, gone to the drive-ins, watched the rain fall and hung out with friends. It has been cool, I have really liked it!!!

I know that I cannot go on forever but man I hope this is some of what happens in heaven…. REFRESHED!!!!!

Hopefully mum doesn’t read this or she will ring me and make me get a job…. Sshhhh don’t tell her!


Thank you Lord!

This year (2011) marks the 10th year since my high-school graduation.It seems like only yesterday that I was stepping onto the grounds of my high-school, young, wide-eyed and slightly nervous, and now I am beginning to make plans of sending my own children to school.

As I ponder the magnitude of life and how fast it flies by, God is reminding me of two important disciplines – the first of which is thankfulness. As I look back on my life, (as short as it may seem to some), there are a lot of beautiful memories banked in the storehouse of my mind, but unfortunately there are also a lot of great times and great people that I simply have forgotten.

The bible records how the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry land thanks to Gods amazing power (Joshua 3). As they crossed, each of the tribes took a rock from the middle of the dried up water and made an altar with it on the other side. This altar was used to worship God then and there with thankful hearts, but it was also to be a reminder to generations to come of the amazing miracle God accomplished on their behalf. Sadly, like the Israelites it’s so easy for me to forget the amazing things God has done, to overlook them, or simply meditate on things that cause me worry, pain or bitterness, when I should be spending my hours meditating on what is good, praising God with thankfulness, and giving testimony to others of all the wonderful things God has done for us, through us and in us.

Knowing this tragic truth about my own life, I have been keeping a journal recently, jotting down the memories of each day. Sometimes I forget and need to catch up a couple of days, and other times I can’t even remember what happened hours earlier, but as I look back on the pages they stare at me like the Israelite’s altar, causing me to praise God for His constant works and miracles in my life which I otherwise would have forgotten.

Thank you God. Amen

Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Ephesians 5:19-20)