Day 25 Life Groups

Another day praying for Life Groups? Yes! There are so many opportunities made in Life Groups to Love God, each other, those who do not yet know God, and grow forward in daily life, leadership and love it is important to pray into all these areas.

Bill Joukhadar the founder of Cells Church International has said for years, just as a healthy child is one that grows, so too an indicator of health in churches and life groups is sustained growth. This means the amount of people attending, yes, but also maturity, responsibility and Christlike attributes.

Healthy life groups love God, serve one another in love, welcome new people sincerely, embrace the broken-hearted, rejoice with others at their success, keep one another accountable, laugh together, impact their members worlds, work together to achieve God-inspired goals, grow together in godliness and giftings, grow leaders, create a positive ancouraging environment and meet practical needs in life group and throughout the week… and so much more!

We actually have so many groups that fit all of these qualities, but there is always more available in God, and we always have room to grow!

We want healthy Christians, healthy life groups, doing life together in a healthy church. Pray with us for this today please.

We are multiplying!

It’s amazing!

Our Life Groups are multiplying – we now have 7 Life Groups up and running each week – Praise God!

God is blessing people in and through our Life Groups so much they have been able to multiply to form new groups, with new leaders – exactly what Life Groups at Living Temple are all about.

So if you’re not in a group already, there’s a chance that there may now be a new one closer to you – or that can meet your needs in terms of scheduling.  So get in touch with one of the group leaders and get connected!

Monday Night Men
Palm Beach 7:30-9pm
Contact Craig 0416 153 827

Monday Night Men
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

Monday Night Women
Tugun 7:30-9pm
Contact Shelley 0402 926 169

Wednesday Night Mixed
Contact Bridey 0410 680 664 or Jo 0447 717 674

Wednesday Night Mixed
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

Thursday Morning Mums and Bubs
Contact Jess 0433 285 917

Thursday Night Mixed
Contact Dave 0412 398 577

The stink of bums on seats!

One of the biggest challenges I have faced since planting a life-group based church is shifting my thinking and focus from inside the church building, to outside.

I have been in traditional churches for about 9 years – 7 of them as a paid pastor –  and I need to say it’s EXTREMELY hard to shake counting “bums on seats” as a measure of success… I use the term “success” loosely.

The reality is that our life groups are absolutely charging!

  • They are growing, bearing fruit and reaching people for Jesus.
  • God is being extremely faithful and gracious…
  • God is blessing us with exactly what we were praying for.
  • People are truly living for Jesus everyday… and
  • Our Sunday celebration (although awesome) is NOT the big deal at Living Temple…

Now all I need is for old habits to die, as I yield completely to the Holy Spirit. I need my thoughts and feelings to line up with the truth.

The truth is that “bum’s on seats” is a bogus indicator potentially championed by Satan and insecure men. It causes a spirit of competition, pride and false self-worth and hinders God multiplying his church his way. In the past it has caused me to sell-out on my convictions and banter to humanistic needs instead of God’s will. Christians obsessed with “bums on seats” (as I have been before) need a reality check…it’s a joke and nobody is laughing (just my opinion).

God is growing Living Temple Church. I cannot control it, I cannot manage it, and all I can do is leave it to God who is actually able to do the job I cannot.

Please God, Kill everything in me that is not of you, and give me freedom to follow you, your way. I repent of counting numbers and choose now to humble myself and pull my head in. Thanks for understanding me God, you’re the best!


Online Life Groups

We recently launched our 1st “on-line” life group – this functions the same as any other regular life group, but instead of meeting at home, we meet online.

We utilise Skype premium which allows every member to see and hear each other.  This idea has been something simmering in my heart for a long time. When researching the viability, I stumbled across (Craig Groeschel) and thought the idea was absolutely brilliant. Our groups run a little differently to, but I am thankful to them for being bold enough to pioneer this kind of thing.

The two biggest issues that I anticipated were

  • Technology letting us down
  • The  potential for awkwardness

Firstly, the technology was adequate. We had a few teething problems at the start, but they were quickly sorted out. Any newish computer with above average internet works well enough. We are committed to growing the group at only 1 extra user per week so when/if it starts to slow down or get “glitchy” we will multiply the group.

Secondly, it really didn’t feel awkward… at all! Actually it was quite the opposite – I felt both vulnerable and comfortable. We are really growing into a tight group and all the signs are pointing toward spiritual depth and community.

The main objection I have heard when pitching this idea is that some believe that this method (on-line) contributes to the notion that the internet is enhancing social ineptness and is conducive to people living in a world where the truth is hidden behind walls where people are role playing. I have my opinions, but I will let the fruit speak for itself over time because anything I say at the moment would simply be my untested opinion.

Here is my list of pros and cons… let me know what you think.


  • Parents with small children can attend
  • Geography is not an issue… at the moment our group has members in Sydney, Mt Tamborine, Southern Gold Coast and Papua New Guinea!
  • Time efficient – we have found that out time together is intense and focussed. We accomplish a lot in a very short time, plus setting up the venue is also unnecessary.
  • We can have global reach and minister to people who don’t have a Christian community available.
  • It is fun!!… It’s exciting for me especially because I really believe it will be effective.
  • Younger people seem interested. This motivates me immensely, especially because most people find Christ while they are young.


  • People without good technology are automatically excluded.
  • The potential for creeps/wolves in sheep’s clothing is something to consider.
  • The legal/liability side of things will be tricky, but not impossible.
  • People could see this as a gimmick and not “real community” – but once again, only time (and fruit) will tell – but praise God I don’t really have to worry about that.

I am committed to this project and believe it may well become one of the most effective evangelism initiatives our church ever implements, so please let me know what you think and I’ll keep you posted.


Living Temple connects with CCI

We would love to thank you all for giving us the opportunity to come on board officially with CCI. These are going to be some very exciting years. We feel privileged to be building God’s kingdom with people who love Jesus, and are committed to seeing him glorified. It’s quite humbling being asked to come on as “specialist small-group church planters,” especially since we are so new to it all, but our prayer is that this title is prophetic, and God will open up many doors.

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