About Living Temple

In 2010 we set out to plant a church in Elanora on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. By God’s grace and goodness, we are now beyond our foundation stage, and moving to a place of influence, growth and mission.

As time has gone by, God has really developed Living Temple Christian Church into a really fun, authentic, life group obsessed, bible loving, down to earth yet supernaturally empowered church. 
We have been so blessed, in many ways, most recently with the gift of a church building in Toolona St, Tugun.

Despite the many changes we have gone through (and will continue to have), we continue taking our direction from God and allowing Him to lead our church every day. The mission He has given us remains the same- to grow in love for Him, His people, this world and continue taking steps in our own lives towards the plans he has for us. We want to continue growing disciples, life groups and churches that are full of love.

We look to the future with great anticipation knowing what an incredible God we have, and how He wants to reveal Himself to each and every person in a real and life-changing way.

What We Believe

We are a Christian Church, and as such, believe everything 
the Bible says.

We believe that Jesus Christ is both our LORD and our Saviour and endeavour to follow him according to that conviction. Faith in Jesus is essential to our salvation and we place all our hope is his life, death and resurrection as sufficient means to reconcile us to God.

We believe the Holy Spirit is alive and moving through his people empowering us with gifts and abilities to be used to his glory. When it comes to matters of taste, style and debate, we are willing to let God sort it out, however, if the bible is black and white on an issue that is essential to our salvation, we will stand firm no matter the cost.

Ultimately we exist to give Glory to God and worship him, and show others how to do likewise…

The Living Temple Story

Living Temple Christian Church has been coming for a while…

For 6 years, Jess and I had been in pastoral ministry with an awesome church filled with amazing people. During this time we had sewn our lives fully into the work of the church and have had so much fun doing so. Our Lead Pastor was an absolute champion, and one of the most amazing leaders I have ever met or even read about. We learnt a great deal from Wes Jessopand will always thank God for the ministry we had together. He often told us that we don’t need any more gifts or blessings, only time to grow in experience and understanding in leadership and pastoral work. He was dead right.

When it came to desire, I (Dave) wanted to plant this church years ago. I am so glad it didn’t happen then because it would have fallen over and failed miserably. Jess and I still had so much to learn; but I also feel that God was preparing us for such a time as this. PLUS we have always been extremely aware of the grace of God on our lives. Both Jess and I have been blessed with amazing families who havebeen and continue to be supportive, inspirational and are backing us 100%. We have also had a passionate group of friends who wish to do this ministry together. We knew it was not just us stepping out; there was a whole crew of us!!! We have great support networks, fantastic mentors and most of all; we have God.

Everything we have experienced to far has convinced us that God wanted this to happen, and that he is paving the way at every step along the way. The good thing is that Jesus said “I will build my church.” As people, we can only be faithful with what we have and God is going to have to do the rest.

Recently Tugun-Tweed Baptist Community Church came to a close and in doing so decided to gift Living Temple Christian Church not only with their venue, but with the greatest gift, their congregation of beautiful loving Christians. We are so grateful for what God has done, knowing it is only the beginning of His plans for this church, His church.

So far the story is short… but there is plenty more to come. 
We will keep you posted…

Love to You

Dave & Jess

Living Temple Christian Church:


24 Toolona St, Tugun, Queensland

(Across the road from Hungry Jacks)

Phone: +61 412 398 577


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